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The Temptation of St.Anthony Frank Newbould Barnard Castle -47- Waterfall near Ambleside The Raft of the Medusa The Lagoon Looking toward Murano from th from oil painting picture Adoration of the Christ Child Vue de Riva -11- Landscape study,cottage and rainbow Stelmo Eastcliff Castle,Ramsgate -47- The Procession of the Magi Woman and Maid sg architectural moulding Marquis, James Richard St John the Baptist ff art humanistic iconology in in study the Two chained musician demons gabrielle mirror roth Wheat Field with Cypresses at the Haute Portrait of Cardinal Nicola Albergati -0 Montereypark Prophet Eliseus and the Woman of Sunem f sebastian Melitopol From Droback -nn02- Edge of the Woods-Cherry Trees in Autumn Paul Falconer Poole In my Gondola Han I Hotit Neoga The Ordeal of the Bier The Waterseller -df01- Philadelphia Diana and Callisto sasha monet Triumph of St George -detail- dsf New Orleans Hercules on the Pyre -05-

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