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Jacob Toorenvliet Aesop -45- The Sampling Officials of the Amsterdam Portrait of George Gougenot de Croissy d MURILLO, Bartolome Esteban Procession au Caire -32- Coming and Going of the Pony Express Sea view Chickasaw The Man of Sorrows Aalst effigy mound builder The Fortune-Teller -17- Polyptych of Saint Augustine fy The Cardsharps The Pig Market,Bedford with a View of St POURBUS, Frans the Younger art art creative fine flower observation Dorothy Details of the Virgin Annunciat James Archer Stormy Sea,Brighton 20 july 1828 The Two Carriages -05- Monet Painting in his Garden Rest in Harvest -26- Jeanne Hebuterne with Yellow Sweater The White House FONTANA, Lavinia The Arnolfini Marriage beautiful scenery A Scene from Roman History Burnettsville Scenes from the Life of the Virgin The Fortune Teller kj Portrait of a Married Couple dfh The Boy in a Red Waistcoat -35- Banquet of the Officers of the St George Dilijan Wiener Neustadt Three Men at a Table

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