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Self-Portrait with a Beret Still Life with Oranges, Lemons and Glov Carmelite Monastery Flowers of the Field Beach at Heist Violante -La Bella Gatta- ar Emperor Valentinian Before Bishop Basil Wreck of the Ancon in Loring Bay, Alaska gifts Study for the Baptism of the People f The Milkmaid Kualapuu Susanna and the Elders Henry Siddons Mowbray Mary Magdalene On Rannoch Moor -37- Portrait of a Man sgy Charles IV as Prince The Annunciation-o Jester with a Lute Otranto The Copper Cistern Rear-Admiral Sir Robert Calder Mrs. St George Portrait of Pere Tanguy -nn04- The Flight from Blois -05- The Virgin and the Child Bertrand with the Sword of the Constable The Prophet Muhammad borne to heaven by pastel drawing Presevo Children of Frederick V Prince Elector o Cloverdale Hagerstown Details of the cupola with the apostles The Limekiln Three Medlars with a Butterfly zsdgf The Four Muses with Pegasus fg Suzanna at Her Bath -05- Mary of the Annunciation

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