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Lane near a Small Town Lakelandvillage brush Woman with Opera Glasses Birdsong The Lunch -05- Woman on a Swing Tobias and the Angel The Knight with His Hand on His Breast s Marie Monnom A Cascade in the Tuauru Valley,Tahiti the theophany through Layli sitting fram Cuba The Adoration of the Shepherds -detail- Rocky Crags at L-Estaque Yalta Frans Ryckhals Dahlias Christ in t he House of Martha and Mary California landscape Middle-Aged Man -45- Young Artist in his Studion Ladylake cold frame Stjamescity oil art reproduction Actress of E.A Bradgate Frank Holl Zugdidi The Slaughtered Ox Portrait of a Girl -39- Don Quixote Aosta Self Portrait in Hunting Dress The Soil Sunset on the seine,Winter Effect -nn02- School of Provence Baptism of Christ ena Madame de Verninac,nee Henriette Delacro

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