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The Veterinarian Dr Reindl in the Arbor The day have fog Washerwomen below a Bridge Ivey St Francis Giving his Cloak to a Poor Ma The Water Mill Banquet of the Officers of the St George Bride and Groom Goodingsgrove Cosimo Rosselli Bonnard, Pierre Company in Park his T'alin Vilniaus St. Sebastian, Martyr Le Colporteur Rogation,1913 Leveede corps Peeckelbaering Wadsworth Cecil Gordon Lawson A View of Modern Rome Townsend The Tightrope Walker Los Borrachos Greenforest Cavalry Battle Bringing Home the New Cook The shiel Valley -37- The Deposition -05- beyond giverny impressionism monets year St Cecily s Charity Bather Collbran Battle between Constantine and Maxentius Edwin Howland Blashfield Allegory ghyj First sketch for Shearing the Rams Worden Mary Magdalene ty

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