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Luncheon on the Grass,Left Panel The Skater Judith with the Head of Holofernes dfg Thomas Butler Setting Sun paintings Three Girls -12- Fidelity A Tranquil Ride -37- Lucrezia Panciatichi The Presentation at the Temple -05- Pallas and the Centaur Christ in the House of Mary and Martha Elmer Wachtel The Poor Man s Store Alamosa Moses Ordering the Slaughter of the Midi Dunkerque Freedom Tree Trunks with Ivy -nn04- Balen, Hendrick von View of Saint-Germain -ea-Laye and Its C Haynes Betsabea al Bagno Saguache Indianapolis Museum of Art The Wild Hunt Fisher Girl The Virgin and Child with Donors -05- Ordway Head Studies of Three French Magistrates Nature morte avec abstract art fine sculpture Rest on Flight to Egypt -detail- fg GRECO, El At the Linen Closet g Salvator Rosa John Edward Brett Hotel de Ville,Louvain -470 Ville-d-Avray -11-

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