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Madonna and Child Triptych -detail- e t Portrait of Emilie Floge -20- Self Portrait vch Valga Hunters and Horsemen by the Roadside -05 Cincinnati Art Museum Skating at Carnival Marcia Painting her Self-Portrait Portrait of the Bullfighter Pedro Romero Sappho -23- Madonna with Child Blessing 25 The House at Rueil The Incredulity of St Thomas sg Carnival Thursday on the Piazzetta dgs Lafe The Cascades,Tivoli -05- Why Are You Angry RUYSDAEL, Salomon van Something Wrong Somewhere -46- wedding photo album Harvard University Art Museums The Slave Ship The Mock Election Exeution of the Rebels of 3 May 1808 Equestrian portrait of Guidoriccio da Fo Gagauzia Equality Beach at Heist Gjirokaster Two Women Dancing at the Moulin Rouge -0 Dancers Practicing at the Barre CASTELLO, Valerio Lindsay At Last Howerer she had let pascal sarot Homosassasprings Lambertini, Michele di Matteo Haymakers at dinner -47- Vision of Saint john on the Island of Pa Landscape1825

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