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Queen Guenevere Keep the Left Road -47- Colchester Kaaterskill Falls -13- Arcadia Allegory of Water,from The Four Elements icon picture Valley of the Vaucluse Carousing Couple sg Spring or the Earthly Paradise -05- Hauser Camppendleton The Fall of Icarus -25- Hungry Cat with Still Life Ammon Banquet of the Officers of the St Hadria art drink fine mixing The Croquet Players River Landscape Southsanfrancisco Sts John and Bartholomew with Donors ds Study of a Lake Adriadne on the Island of Naxos Weimar Portrait of a Seated Woman wr Calling the Moose -43- Massimo d Azeglio Dante Allighieri Apples, Pears, and Grapes on the Ground Nordrhein-Westfalen nude oil painting The coronation of Napoleon and Josephine Composition with Grid IX beautiful landscape Portrait of a Lady -08- Schlesinger Henri Guillaume Adoration of the Lamb Portrait of a Girl dh Rainbow Self-Portrait

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