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Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini The Crossing -19- Kerkira Inside the Bay,Cullercoats -44- Portrait of Alice Kurtz Madonna and Child with SS.Mat-thew and N A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal Window with a view of Pillnitz Castle -1 Venus and Cupid at The Baptism of Christ -08- Portrait of the earl and countess of der Details of The Execution of Maximilian Au bord de la mer,Mademoiselle Croisette Sketch for Song of the Angels -26- Portrait of Young Woman Napolean Bonaparte Domenico Fetti paints The Le Cellier Triptych Details of Annunciation -36- The Mystic Marriage of St Francis -08- Red and Yellow Hills Bosnia and Herzegovina Parham Mill at Gillingham VERMEER VAN DELFT, Jan The Letter_3 Cecil Gordon Lawson Mrs John Winthrop dfg LACMA Los Angeles County Museum The Flagellation of Christ -nn03- koa wood picture frame Thomas Hosmer Shepherd Baldassare Castiglione -05- Expectations The Buffalo Ranges,Victoria Portrait du fils du peintre Micheli -38- Angels and dragons The Cloth Shop Giorgio Vasari Schlo Kammer at Lake Atter I -20-

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